Athena in stockings

If you’re lucky enough to game with Athena Hollow, you are in for a treat indeed. You see Athena loves reading, and gaming just like any kinky gaming girl, but if you are one of her favorites, if you are someone she really likes, she also believes in breaks where she will take the time to break you by teasing you until you can’t resist her. She just loves how she can break the brains of geek boys with her sexy body.

This particular sexy break comes as a way for her to get a lovely set of her amazing trim and toned body. Admit it, when you see a hot gamer girl with fishnet stockings, she could ask you to do anything, and you’d just nod like a puppy dog and do whatever she wanted. Of course, with Athena, when you are very lucky, she might just take stop teasing and let you see just how she handles geek boys that really catch her fancy. Not this time though, she’s much more content getting you nice and hard, and then going back to her book.

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zelda in chainmail

Some girls out there don’t mind the fantasy of the warrior woman in chainmail bikini and leather. It may not be the best protection, but it makes them feel sexy, and powerful, and they love to emulate that feeling. They put together their own costuming, their own fantasy armor, and let me tell you, these girls are definitely no damsels in distress. These geek girls have no problems showing the boys what they want, and even taking it when the guys aren’t brave enough.

Zelda’s chain and leather outfit is enough to make almost any guy’s eyes bulge out of their heads, and that’s just how Zelda loves it. When they are drooling over the sexy, smoking hot geek girl in front of them, she’s finding out which of them is actually worth her time and effort. Since she knows that a geek guy is at least as hard to find put together as her outfit.

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athena playing wow

Raids take quite a bit of attention, hard runs can require a lot of concentration, or you risk wiping out your group, and just spoiling any chance at the best loot. Raids are only such a small part of things though, when you are doing your daily work, grinding away again and again, you can almost wish you were doing almost anything else. With some geek girls, that does give them a bit of an opportunity to zone out and indulge in a little bit of self pleasure. Athena is not at all shy about using the opportunity to get off a few times.

There may be plenty of jokes about guys playing one handed, but there’s no reason to leave the girls out on the fun. Athena has her own system for self pleasure when her blood elf priest is grinding away on her dailies, and it involves her favorite hitachi toy wedged between her thighs. As long as she keeps rolling along she gets to treat herself to a nice secondary reward where she cums over and over. If she looks focused, well, even she has her limits, and at a certain point she has to concentrate quite a bit to get that one more mob down before she goes over her peak.

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video game porn

It’s a standard joke then when a geeky boy and a geeky girl meet online the geek boy is going to be well practiced in using their computer one handed. They’re all hornballs that can’t control their urges, right? Well, there are nasty, wicked gamer girls that will let you in on the secret that they have a bit of one-handed training as well, because some of them just can’t wait when they get online to play with their toys. You might be surprised the hot little geek girls that give their favorite vibes a workout while they play with their guilds.

Luckily, we have one lovely little geek babe Athena that doesn’t just like to have a nice hard orgasm while she plays, but she just adores showing the geek boys what they are missing. She’s got everything nice and hotkeyed so she can keep one hand occupied plunging her big vibrator into her hot, tight pussy. She is a lovely example of a girl who loves making gamer porn, because she knows that she can get the boys holding their cocks in one hand, while she smokes them in the game, all while rewarding herself with full body orgasms. If you’re especially lucky, maybe you’ve met a gamer girl like this one online and you just didn’t know it. But in Athena’s case, you just know that if she’s going hot and heavy in game, there’s something going fast and hard between her thighs.

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No one realizes just how wicked and wild most gamer girls are. You think they are all restrained and reserved, like the little librarian girl you know, but when you get them away, and you get them in their element, you will find a hot, sultry, sexy, and kinky girl just begging to have some fun with you. If you let them indulge themselves, they will indulge you in ways you can’t even imagine, and they will do it with a sweet smile on their face.

Starla may be somewhat reserved by day, but by night she’s particularly naughty, especially when she can find a nice, kinky geek boy in order to indulge her particular fetishes. She loves playing the desert beauty, and with a body like hers, you would be crazy not to play with her. That’s not enough though, she loves feeling helpess, and when she brought out the arm-binders, we just knew that this gamer girl was more then we’d ever imagined. She squirmed and begged so nicely as she was restrained and got more and more into the game, because like any gamer girl, she just wants to find someone good to play with her.

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geeky coder schoolgirl

Who says that geek girls always have to be the shy, mousy girls that you looked over when you were in school? You might be surprised who had a book in her hand, while she delved deep into learning, all while wondering if anyone would notice them. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you just might be surprised what you get when you discover how many geek girls actually were in your midst.

This particular geeky schoolgirl definitely does not live up to the stereotypes, she’s busty, curve and just knows how much the boys love a nice ass. She may have hid behind her books, but you can bet that she had all sorts of fantasies about the boys that she’d let get under her skirt. These pictures are just a glimpse into her naughty, wicked head, and she has a lot more fantasies that only geek girls keep hidden deep in their hot heads. Maybe, if you’re lucky, very lucky, she’ll let you get a peek inside her head, and a glimpse between her thighs in person, and then you can be even more surprised at how much heat simmers below a geek girl’s surface.

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