vivan winters classy

You really see the geek girls blossom when they get out of high school and get into the ‘real world’ of college. Many of these girls thought they were isolated and didn’t have anyone they could relate to when they are younger, but when they get into the big, wide world, they find that there are tons of other geeks out there, and they find out how much geek boys drool over a sweet, hot geek girl. That brings many girls out of their shells, as they realize how hot they really are.

Vivian found that she could wrap the boys around her little finger once they found out what a geek she is, and she found she loved the idea of teasing all the geek boys out there. So she figured she’d give a little peak into her college life, and what the boys are missing when they overlook all the hot girls out there. She’s not very shy once she gets going, and with a body like hers, you can obviously see why. There are few things sexier than a girl with a nice shaved pussy, beautiful breasts, and those hot, black-rimmed glasses. With a geek girl like that, you can bet plenty of boys would let them play any time!

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Don’t overlook the geek girl in the corner, it’s so easy to do after all. You see them there quietly reading in the corner, or maybe playing with a bunch of geeky boys as they roll dice and talk about D&D and board games, and their Xbox. It’s so easy to think that they’re clueless and have no idea what they want, and how sexy they are. Don’t think that, most of these cute, sexy geeky girls have a wild nature that you won’t see unless they are comfortable enough to tease you and show you what they really want to do in their fantasies.

Little Vivian Winters’s room may be filled up with dice and books, but if you look at some of those titles you might be surprised. This hot, sexy geek girl has all sorts of fantasies running through her head and she just is waiting to show them off to the right person. If you let her run with it, you’ll see a side you never thought was there, where this hot little thing gets the boys squirming in their seats as she teases them until they just can’t stay in control and they have to act out their fantasies with her.

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cos-play natalie

Cos-play isn’t all about dressing up as famous characters, well known stereotypes, and finding someone that everyone will recognize. For many sexy geek girls, cosplay is about stepping out and being something different, and finding the character that speaks to them. For most that’s someone from movies, games or comics, but for others it’s just finding a sexy, sultry other character that allows them to let go and let their inner wicked girl out.

Natalie Adams knew that when she went looking for her costume, she didn’t want to run with something that everyone would recognize. Instead, she just wanted to feel sexy, and to get as much attention as she could. With a body like hers, and a costume as revealing as she has, she didn’t need to worry! That pink skirt is perfect with her pale skin, especially since when she does give you a flash, you’ll see how well it also matches her sexy lips and cute pink nipples. If her goal was to feel all nice and sexy, she certainly accomplished that, because she’s going to have all the geek boys drooling over her first chance they get.

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latiyah gamer girl

Some of the best things to come out of the big surge of fantasy literature, movies and games has got to be the outfits. You see, when geek girls see those sexy outfits, they can’t help but imagine what they would look like in them. Let me tell you, you want to see game girls in those outfits. Everything they might hide when they are shy, they let loose when they find naughty, wicked costumes that they love.

Latiyah is definitely someone that plays D&D and is always taking notes about her next look. She fills out any costume, but can’t help but show off the ones she has in progress. That the costumes she wears lack a few…pieces is all the better. It means the few friends around her table that know her well get to see what their characters might do when they stay at the inn for the night. For a select few of her friends, they might even get to act it out. For us though, we just get to drool over her tight young body, and dream of the day when we get our own hands-on preview of this hot geek girl’s works in progress.

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I got to see Athena Hollow live today where she was on webcam talking to us from her living room. Was pretty sweet. She was singing on Rock Band for a bit but her voice gave out so we just had a sit down chat. She’s a pretty cool gamer (she’s playing SW:TOR these days among other things).

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gamer babe misty

You think you might know what gets a girl hot, wet and tasty, but you can’t know it anything like another girl does. They know the best places to tease, toy and please each other so that they get each other to the height of pleasure. It may just be a little bit of experimentation, but once a girl develops that taste for the softer sex, they just live to see their girlfriends squirm as they play them like a fine instrument.

The only thing better than a good game is a good fuck. Bailey and Misty may be new to each other, but that just means they get to explore and try out their talents with someone who has no idea how good it can be. Bailey brings along her favorite toy as well to try out, and Misty responds to the hot red vibe almost instantly. These two girls might not have bothered putting on their skimpy little clothes, because once fingers, tongues, and that toy start going everywhere, their clothes ended up practically ruined by running wetness the results of repeated orgasms. These soft, hot, teen girls are randy as hell, and Bailey just can’t get enough of Misty’s sweet body. Misty is practically innocent, and Bailey can’t help trying to teach her every hot thing about playing with another girl.

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