Supergirl Gets Naked

Supergirl has never looked sexier than when horny gamer girl Athena puts on her slinky outfit and plays in front of the camera. At first stern and unyielding, and then slowly more coy and plaintive, she quickly shows that the answer to the age-old question “What does a Kryptonian wear under their tights?” is nothing. Perhaps the lacy stockings and knee-high boots aren’t standard issue for superheroes, but this costume nearly demands it.

Making sure to stare deeply into the camera’s lens, Athena maintains a serious demeanor, reminding everyone that saving the world is serious business. Drawing one of her toys from an inter-dimensional pocket, she makes it glisten by sucking it into her mouth before turning it on and rubbing it along her hungry folds. Showing off her flexibility, Athena as Kara-El demonstrates how to give a heroine a proper deep dicking, thrusting in and out until her thighs quiver and her orgasm shudders through her body.

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