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anielle the rogue

Heavy armor and fighting skills are not the only ways you can survive in the roughest lands. Nor is everyone talented in the magical arts, so they can’t fling bolts of energy, or manipulate their enemies or the elements. Sometimes a wanderer needs to rely on their own skills, their own sense of trickery and guile to make their way.

Anielle of Opila is a cunning little rogue. She may not be the fastest, or strongest, but she has no shame, and uses cunning and wit to survive where others may fail. You will rarely see her in the light of day, all you will feel is the graze of her blade in the dark, but sometimes even she gets caught out travelling in the wilderness. When that happens she knows how many men will bend to her will when she shows how willingly she uses her body. Be careful when you take advantage of her pleasures though, or you may find a knife between the ribs at an inopportune moment.

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Gamer Girl with Sword

Gamer Girl with Sword

This horny gamer girls member shows off her succubus costume AND her cool ass long sword. She is an avid gamer, avid reader, and apparently likes to practice her swordplay outside World of Warcraft.

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horny gamer girls

horny gamer girls

This sword toting warrior princess dresses up for us just so she can take it off. Dez, the creator of this cool gamer porn series, got bored of making dime a dozen porn and applied his talents toward porn based on World of Warcraft. He calls the Web-based video series Whorelore: Swords, Sorcery, and Sex.

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Click to see Bonan’s reward for saving the shackled girl. GODS I love that opening scene.

The sexiest, raunchiest, most x-rated video game re-enactments of all time. CLICK HERE NOW to see!

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Conan spoof

Conan spoof

So we’re not sure if this chick is a true gamer girl YET, but her boyfriend is and he wanted to act out the opening scene from Age of Conan and she agreed… and might we add she looks damn hot doing it. We’ve seen photos AND video from this show, so see for yourself.

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